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Posted 16th Apr
Hi all,
I'm looking to replace my laptop with a desktop PC. I need to do work on it but I do like to play the odd game. Games like FireWatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, What Remains of Edith Finch for anyone who knows them so not massively demanding but enough to make my laptop overheat and require me to turn down all the settings. So I'm not sure if the best way to go is to buy a gaming PC or just a decent desktop? Obviously I'd like to futureproof a little bit too - I'd rather not be buying another for the next few years and inevitably games are going to get more demanding.

I was hoping to spend around £300 but the cost seems to keep rising the more I look. I've found what I think looks like quite a good deal for £500 but I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of deals from £300 - £500 to see what good deals are about. The closer to £300 the better...but I am swaying towards the £500 deal at the moment.

Also, I don't want to build one, things like that never work out well for me. I'd rather just plug it in and go.
I'm not bothered about it having windows as I've got a copy already so I've been taking that off.

Excited to see what you come up with!
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You should be able to play those games on a Ryzen 3200G with integrated Vega 8 graphics for £280:…846

And you could buy a dedicated graphics card later if it struggles, something like this would be more than capable:…26c
Agree with above. Stick to Ryzen based systems as they are better value than intel. A Ryzen 2600 with RX580 graphics is a good buget combo with 16gb (2x8gb) ram sticks and a 256gb/512gb SSD drive for windows/programs/games and then additional HDD drive of whatever capacity you need for your files.

Top tip: Get one with a wifi card or wifi built into the motherboard as even if you connect by ethernet, good to be able to tether to your phone’s data if wifi ever goes down.

have a look at partpicker UK website for what people build for around your budget then check CCL and other websites to get an indication of how good the value is. The difference is effectively the cost of them building it for you.
Don’t forget budget for a decent monitor too. TN panel if gaming (best refresh rate). Recommend 28” QHD resolution
Thanks! That's fab advice. I'll have a good look at those options. I'd come to the conclusion that a Ryzen processor seemed to be the way to go as it seems as soon as you even think about Intel you can add on a few hundred pounds. But looking at performance (not that I know much about these things) it looks like the Ryzen can hold it's own. I liked the look of the Ryzen 5 and the one I'd found also had a GTX 1660 graphics card. But then I'm talking £500 and I can't decide if it's overkill for what I'll use it for....
Do not go for pre-built, especially ones you see here on the website.

Here is a guide on builds from cheap ones to high end ones, with all the information about specs, links, building and whatever you need to know:…lds
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