Gaming pc for £450?

Found 30th Jul
Hello everyone I was just after some advice for what gaming pc I could get ?

I have seen the.

And something like this from amazon ?π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&psc=1

I only do the occasional gaming mainly for work just wondered if anyone had any better suggestions? Thanks
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When you said 450, first reaction was that you weren't going to see much for your money. That Lenovo is actually not awful though. Maybe upgrade it with an SSD at some point. GTX 1050 Ti is a decent card for the price.

The Amazon ADMI one is a bad deal though.
Get lenovo. That one is a good deal, although you probably want at least a quad core for gaming these day.
Is there any other gaming pc’s out there as he Lenovo one has gone
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