Gaming PC for about £1000

Found 15th Feb 2008
Can anyone help I am looking for a gaming machine for about 1k without monitor . I was going to go with Mesh but thankfully I googled and found out about their horrendous customer service. Then thought about Dell but their machines (XPS 720) seem a wee bit steep. Please help I am really stuck.
PS Don't want to build one myself as I struggle with a lightbulb

Thanks very much in advance
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Umm 1k will get you some machine indeed, but realistically you can buy the components for about 600quid for a good system, get somebody else to put them together.

If you absolutely must purchase it complete, i have heard alienware ( alienware.co.uk/mai…spx ) are a good company, although i have had no dealings with them myself.

Hope this helps just a little
Best thing anybody can suggest to you is to get someone build one. Buy the bits yourself from decent suppliers on the web or see if you can ebay it cheaper. If your looking foe personal help to do this for products maybe i could point you in a good direction
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 GO 2.40GHz Quad Core CPU Overclocked too a minimum of 3.30GHz and beyond. (8/9 x 400MHz - 1600MHz FSB)
- Tuniq Tower 120 Pro Blue LED Intel approved cooler
- Arctic Silver 5 Heatsink compound professionally hand installed by our technicians
- Abit IP35-Pro Intel P35 (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
- Award winning Crucial 2GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 CAS5 (2x1GB) Dual Channel Kit (Overclocked at 1000MHz+) (Note when upgrading to 4GB overclock drops to 3.25GHz on CPU)
- 500GB Western Digital 16MB Cache SATA-2 Hard Drive
- NVIDIA 8800 GTX 768MB GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) DirectX 10 Graphics Card
- Pioneer 115DBK 20x DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Black)
- Antec NINE HUNDRED Gamers ATX Case
- OCZ 1010W Next Generation Power Supply

try and find all this for under 1000 this is retail price from Overclockers £1137

Once you have picked parts you can change them for anyting else on the site. They basically charge £35 to put it together if you're not happy doing it yourself.
Thanks everyone for your help. Particularly Bigfoot. The spec you listed looks great - but the problem is I built my own last time and it just never ran properly and was stupidly loud. Could you suggest someone that if I bought a similar kit from overclockers that would put it together for me? I am in Gloucestershire.

Thanks again all
like the guy said above. get one from Dino pc :P
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