Gaming PC for teenage son

Posted 5th Dec 2019

I appreciate similar questions have been asked but I would appreciate any help/advice.....I'm looking for a PC for my son's xmas present to use mainly for gaming (rainbow 6, call of duty type games) and some school work.

Will also need a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Key things are...
- needs to be a pre-build with windows 10 installed as it's a xmas present so ideally want it up and running fairly quickly
- would like it to be future proof so can be upgraded going forward
- needs to have wifi connectivity
- ideally would like an SSD+HDD and 16GB ram along with a decent processor / graphics card
- budget for all of it is £600..reckon I could push to £700 which might be more realistic?

This one seems to tick all the boxes for £626 leaving me approx £80 to get a keyboard, mouse and monitor...Fierce

As does this one although no SSD but it's £599 leaving me £100 for the rest...Cyberpower

How crucial is an SSD and are either of these any good? Any other suggestions based on my criteria?

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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either would do but first will load faster due to ssd it’s worth the extra £25... you can get a cheap keyboard and mouse for £20 to get started. You could just get a tv as a monitor use hdmi
Whatever allows pornhub to work properly would cover it I would imagine
Don't buy one without an SSD. Also 8GB would be fine, 16GB would be a bonus. Loads of computers by CCL and similar compa ies on eBay for cheaper, some which allow the 20% off code.
SSD is very important for a gaming PC. 16GB RAM seems a bit excessive given the price range, unless you are comfortable buying on Facebook/Shpock etc.
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Can recommend bought one for my son for Xmas 2 years ago, was the best bang for buck prebuilt I could find.
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