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    Hi guys I have around £650 2 spend for a gaming pc.

    Asus p5n32 sli plus
    OCZ Gamestream 700w psu
    Q6600 processor
    Patriot ddr2 pc6400 4gb Ram
    512MB 8800GTS Graphics Card
    Antec 900 Pc Case
    Samsung 500GB HD501LJ Hard drive

    I would realy appreciate it if u have other better suggestions on these specs.
    Would go 4 SLI in around 3months time.
    But would i also be able to play Crysis High settings on a 20'' Monitor.


    im no expert but motherboard is fine,ocz are good make so psu is fine, processor is fine,the ram probably wont be great for that price and wont be gaming ram,8800gts ok but for crysis on full you may require a 880gtx (xfx probably best) and case and hardrive fine also.

    EDIT: i found the in the fore sale section looks very good for the price…pc/

    You're going to need a killer gfx card, if not 2 parallel to run crysis on full/high settings which would probably cost you your entire budget.

    yeah I have one for sale if your interested

    the new 512mb 8800GTS beats the 8800GTX on crysis.
    I own a BFG 8800GTS OC, £193 i paid and i play crysis on high @ 1600x1050.
    Mobo is fine, i use a asus p5n-d just came out.
    CPU: ditch it now, quad core is a waste of money, 2 games take use of it and 1 is crysis in which the results are not noticable, get an e8400 instead, £50 cheaper and better.

    Ram, no idea but if your not running vista, 4gb is loads. I recommend some corsair ram.

    Sorry jsut seen this thread and sorry its late >.
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