Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 8 h, 19 m ago)
I am looking at getting a gaming pc for my 10 year old son. See this one at Costco not sure if it is a good spec or deal? 🤷‍♂️

AWD-IT Ranger 4, AMD Ryzen 5, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD, AMD Vega 10, Gaming Desktop PC with 23.6” Full HD LED Widescreen Monitor, RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse, Plus Headset & Mouse Pad…601
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    If you search for @sarden84 he’s your man for gaming PC’s
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    I would avoid that!

    What sort of budget, what games is he interested in played?
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    no. avoid. it doesn't have a built in gpu

    sorry for brief message as at work
    can you serach discussions for gaming pc as i posted loads of ebay links in there before for £300 odd systems

    kbm and headsets are around £20 packs on amazon
    monitors pick up locally from gumtree for £50

    let me know if you find the other posts.
    thanks! (edited)
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    He will mainly be playing gta Fortnite cod etc

    Budget wise I am looking at around £500 for a setup (edited)
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    Same, Son has asked for a gaming pc and I am totally clueless, he already has a ps5 which inks it with a keyboard and good monitor so not sure what a gaming pc will really offer him as he doesnt really play anything other than Fortnite... any suggestions, pretty much like yourself stu with the budget.
    Hi Emma and Stumilton
    this is the thread I was talking about in case you haven't seen it

    thanks, James…472
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