Posted 1st Dec 2022
Can anybody help me with this please?
Is this worth £800?
Am I going to need to quickly upgrade it?
Anything else I should know?
Thanks in advance

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    Awful deal for 1650 super. Check out @sarden84 posts.
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    To be honest I think maybe to much.

    There this no point in buying just to upgrade. Remember…n84

    has posted many at this price range. (edited)
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    i wouldnt say thats a very good deal for 800, although it does come with a monitor if I'm reading that spec correctly?If you want a pre-built there is some decent options around the 800 mark
    I've just done a quick bit of googling and found these,
    Obviously if you need a monitor you would need to factor that in but these below would last you far longer
    slightly over at 870 but has a much better graphics card (3060) also a larger SSD but no 1tb hdd…wcB

    Or this from overclockers for 849
    again has a 3060 and better ssd…wcB
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    There is no detail.
    Ryzen 5 (Which one - it could be 5 years old 1st gen)
    RAM (what speed is it)
    Motherboard (ASRock but which model)
    PSU (no info)
    The GPU is very cheap and lower than anything I would consider for gaming.
    Monitor Which one is it? What specs, brand, model, hz etc.

    You could but that setup for half the price used. Avoid like the plague.
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    worth mentioning that one doesn't include any operating system and Microsoft windows 10/11 on that second link you shared thats +84.99 taking the total up to £783.94
    Performance wise its slightly better than the original one you listed the 6600 is marked as about 27% better performance than the 1650super…128
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    What do you want to use it for? Which games etc? Do you have a set budget or do you want to go under budget if possible? Etc.
    Budget £800 really as still have chair and desk to buy. I just want something that's worth the money and not need upgrading for a while. Games are GTA, Fortnite, COD etc
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    Monitor get second hand from gumtree for £50 whatever you see near you.
    The £109 32" 1440p Samsung after cashback was incredible.
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