Posted 11th Jul 2021
Hi all,
I am currently building new PC mainly for gaming and occasionally to edit 4k video (maybe 5-6 times a year). I was lucky enough to get RTX 3070Ti in a retail price. Also got some SSDs and hard drives from old PC. Yesterday I ordered case - Be Quiet Pure Base 500DX and PSU - Seasonic Focus GX 750W. So I still need CPU, motherboard, RAM and possibly some CPU cooler. Any recommendations what parts would be the most suitable for that setup? I just don't want to have any bottleneck in the system. My remaining budget is around 500-600 quid.

Oh, and what 1440p monitor would you suggest? Will buy it later as currently got Asus VG278QR which is great 165Hz screen but only Full HD. Budget for monitor ~400.

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