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Found 18th Oct 2016

I just wanted to get your views on the following, I have a ps4 but looking at moving towards PC gaming as I don't see much point in upgrading to the PS4 pro. I have been looking at the new Alienware Aurora and can get uniday discount and don't want the hassle of building my own. Would this spec be able to match the PS4 pro or better it?…ing

Thanks in advance
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If your going to use a joypad for PC gaming stick to PS4 as you will get battered playing fps games as i know. I went from PS to PC back o PS4. Stick with the PS4 you have not really worth upgrading to PS4 unless you really need to.
PC, I have PS4 always been a console gamer but these mid step consoles, and the fumbled language surrounding has made me start to buy all my multi platform games here, games are cheaper and if your not fussed about 4K your always going to mget higher quality visuals and at 60+fps, your games will always move with you and scale as you get better hardware, no need for 'pro' patches or re releases, spec wise, it's not bad, but games are becoming more processor dependant in my experience and to future proof you want to be looking at i7's and at least 16gb ram and a GPU with at least 4gb
However if you don't care about visuals, might as well stick with vanilla PS4.
If you want to get a PC then have a look pcspecialist instead, they'd be cheaper than Alienware even with the 10% discount.
personally I would only recommend pcspecialist for laptops, and even then I would say that the mai gaming laptops are arguably better value (depending on specific model). for custom made PCs I'd suggest using dinopc, I've had PCs from both retailers and the dinopc machine was of a higher build quality and better value.
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