Gaming PC under £800

Posted 27th May 2020
Hello so last month I got my 1st gaming pc
rog g20ci but I have to sent my back as it was faulty, so now I looking for a new one, I don't want to build it any recommendations? I would like to use my quest with link cable
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You’re always going to pay the premium of having someone build it for you, appreciated there is the satisfaction that you can send the unit back in one piece but even as a complete novice and new into the world of building PC’s, they’re just like lego. You’ll find many benefits to building such as, separate generous warranties on all parts, easy interchangeable parts to keep up with moving technologies and then managing to get everything a fairly good price. There are some great youtube vids to follow along where they help build a pc from scratch. Its worth a go!
Talk to @sarden84 he a top lad and helped me get me a gaming pc for my budget
Theres a nice 819 under my name.

Click under my name and it's either the £809 quote beater. Or the £999 one * have a read inside of it it's the 3600 for £859 with windows or £809 without.

Can be upgraded to the 2060 from the 5600 for a tenner extra.

So without windows its.

Ryzen 5, 3600.
B450M Tuf MB with USB c perfect for what u need
Get the 2060 RTX GPU good for ur needs.
600w torro psu.
512gb nvme Intel.
3tb hdd.

Nice case with rgb kit.

£819 + optional £50 ÷windows from palicomp.
@sarden84 i can't find your 859 I can see the £999 but not the other one
ScottyNortonhqb27/05/2020 15:26

@sarden84 i can't find your 859 I can see the £999 but not the other one

Its inside the £999 one, read that one and half way down itll mention change cpu order price, give them an email over it.
@sarden84 can ask if you think this is this a good deal 848 a pre build, or this for a build my own which I'm not very confident with with and I still need to and a hard drive and windows 10, personally really liking the prebuilt one and it's case
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