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Found 19th Sep 2017
Looking for some advice please for my son's PC, he's looking to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and RAM. He's currently got an FX6300 that was overclocked to 3.7GHz and is looking to upgrade to possibly an i5 or i7 but it's just a minefield that I don't fully understand!
Other specs:
Graphics Card - GTX970 - looking to keep this for the time being but likely to be looking for maybe a 1080 in the near future.
PSU - 750w Corsair
Monitor - 1440 BenQ
I've never built a PC but I did manage to change the PSU and Graphics Card a couple of years ago so I have some idea but the whole CPU, thermal paste thing worries me as I'm not the most delicate so I've been looking at pre-built bundles, something like this -…tml
but again there a million and one different options and I need some help which way to jump.
Other info - he's looking to play the latest titles, shadow of war, destiny 2 etc.
Budget - Obviously as cheap as possible but probably around the £400/500 mark.
Thanks in advance for any replies.
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My recommendation would be the Ryzen platform with the 1600 being a very good value CPU for years to come. Installing the CPU isn't hard, it's always daunting the first time but afterwards you realise how simple it is.

Ryzen 1600:…G4/
MSI B350 PC Mate Motherboard:…SR/
16GB 3000Mhz DDR4 Ram:…tml
Don't worry, hardest bit of swapping the MB is reconnecting all the PSU cables which you have done before. The fitting of the CPU is really easy, the only way you can mess it up is putting tons of paste on, just put a small pea sized blob and you can't go wrong. Watch a vid for a better idea on the amount if your worried.
The recommendation form Optimus is good.
If your set on Intel its basically the i5 7600k and whatever LGA1151 socket MB you can find a decent deal on at the time your looking!
Cheers both much appreciated
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