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Gaming PC Upgrade help

Posted 6th Dec 2022
so, I put together a pc for my son a couple of years ago, I know my way around a pc a little, but when it comes to the variety of components out there I'm lost!

currently have a ryzen 5 1600AF and 1660 super
(B450 board)

I'm looking to upgrade it a little as a Christmas present, but really struggling with what to do.

thoughts are upgrading the CPU to maybe a ryzen 5 5600X as I think the board supports it. Would also like to upgrade the GPU to something like an RX 6600 (or XT).

I'm also thinking whether to delve into 1440p, in which case I'll also need a monitor - the problem is I can't afford these upgrades in one hit...

what would people suggest I upgrade, and in what order.., I know he plays some kind of modded version of GTA and COD if that matters.

thanks for any input 🙏
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    For some weird reason 6650XTs are cheaper than 6600XTs at the moment, Overclockers have one for £299 . It's a big jump over the 6600 in terms of performance, especially at 1440p

    I would say a 5600x upgrade is worth it, partially because they're comparatively cheap at the moment. The GPU is the biggest priority though, a 6650xt with the existing CPU will give a bigger boost than buying both a 6000 and a 5600x if the budget limits you.

    This will give some idea about the boost upgrading the CPU alongside the GPU will give (the GPU in this video is worse than the 6600 so the differences will be a bit more pronounced):

    For monitors it all gets a bit complicated and harder to give solid recommendations. AI upscaling (something not shown in the benchmarks above) means you can get 1440p resolution at close to the framerate for 1080p. This is gradually getting support in games for AMD cards (previously being NVidia only). In terms of refresh rate, this becomes more important if he's into e-sports FPS (fortnite, CoD Multiplayer) but it benefits all types of gaming. Diminishing returns kicks in with refreshrate though; even a just 75hz monitor has a big improvement over a 60hz monitor but the gap between 120hz and 144hz is less noticable and 240hz even less so (plus there will likely be very few games that play at 240fps).

    If you can't afford a 1440p 120hz+ monitor and want to know which of the two main things to prioritise, it's basically: 1440p for visual quality( games will look better, especially when not moving, playing 4k videos will look better), 120hz for better handling of fast movement (generally smoother and visuals react faster to controls)
    Thank you. I'll check those out as I've never seen anything about the 6500XT.

    I think my worry is that I buy a 1440p monitor, a new GPU then find that his experience is worse than his current 1080p gaming because of the CPU being too underpowered (if that's possible)

    He doesn't really play fortnite anymore, it's more GTA, red dead, assassins creed kind of games.
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    You need to see the bottlenecks

    Press control alt delete while gaming

    If the GPU is 100pc you need a better GPU

    If one of the CPU cores is 100pc you need a cou

    Depends what frame rate and resolution

    If you go 1440p you will be GPU bottlenecked

    If you get a 5600x and only a 60hz monitor then you will probably never utilise the 5600x

    I have.a ryzen 7 2700 and a 3070 and 4k 120hz display and always GPU bottlenecked

    I think you will benefit most from a better GPU first and then can get a better CPU

    If he is playing cod then I think a 144hz 1080p would be better than 1440.

    There was a 240hz monitor on here recently for 169 too

    You would probably need a beefier CPU though for such high frame rates

    But if your son plays competitively then that will help

    I don't play GTA online but believe that can also be CPU intensive to be fair

    So yes. Run task manager. Play the game. Alt tab to switch from game to task manager while playing intense area and see where the utilisation is most. (edited)
    Thanks for the reply. One of my worries is that the CPU won't hold up to the GPU, but I think I might take a chance on it, and upgrade the CPU only if I need to. Maybe a GPU and a new monitor might be fine for the moment then
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