Gaming PCs Sold at Loss

I've just been browsing ebay thinking about a gaming pc and whilst I would be very much inclined to self build I have come across a company- bess-system who are a top rated seller over 8000+ deals.

They seem to be offering fully built systems in the 300-400 bracket seemingly with no profit margin attached. I'd appreciate someone taking a look as I don't quite understand how they are doing this.

There must be a catch.


item number ?

Strange. They are selling gaming PC's, some without graphics cards which is fair enough. But they do not advertise what power supplies they use which leads me to believe either they don't have one, or they are of very bad quality.

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By being vague on certain specs it means they can bundle the cheapest nastiest power supply and other components they can find.

Also graphics cards have a stupid depreciation rate so without graphics cards makes alot of sense to me.

GPU: 90
Mobo: 40
CPU: 80
MEM: 60
Case + PSU: 30
HDD: 40
DVD: 10

So about £50 profit but the case, power supply and memory are all probably cheap tat.


Comes with a Nvidia Geforce GTS450 1gb card, which according to Google shopping would set you back £90 ish on its own. Roughly the same again for the processor and again for 8gb RAM. Maybe another £50 for a 1TB HD and it doesn't really leave much change out of £400.


PhearFactor beat me at sums


PhearFactor beat me at sums

Hehe, the only place I have seen do prices better than you can build yourself is Dell. Although they use OEM products which sometimes lack in support. Although their prices included mice/keyboard, an OS and 1 year support for basically a few quid.

Building yourself is the way to go though for gaming machines, Dell don't seem to bother too much with low end gaming machines, I guess the support for them would out-weigh their profit margin lol

Only other places I can think of that do cheaper gaming rigs are Scan and Novatech, but at least if you bought from these guys you would have good support etc all included in the price. Even though they are more expensive than eBay it is one hell less of a risk.
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Mobo £48, CPU £77, RAM £60, HD £40, DVD-RW £12, GPU £90 = £327

So £73 left buys you a nice case and PSU.

OP have a look at this Seller, I've bought a PC from him for £850.The PSU is a poor one so is the Case,But I'm replacing them with my own one I'm using just now.He has great Feedback but the delivery time is very very poor but look what you get & how can any one complain at this price.

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I bought a pc off bess-systems many years back, crappy case and psu + it was damaged when it arrived so had to send it back for replacement. Overall not to bad but I sold it after a month and built a better one myself.

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GPU: 90Mobo: 40CPU: 80MEM: 60Case + PSU: 30HDD: 40DVD: 10So about £50 … GPU: 90Mobo: 40CPU: 80MEM: 60Case + PSU: 30HDD: 40DVD: 10So about £50 profit but the case, power supply and memory are all probably cheap tat.

Thank you for your efforts and to others who have responded. That isn't so far off the amount I originally calculated but by the time I factored in ebay fees, paypal and their postage- that is when I started to believe there was no profit margin.
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