Gaming Specs For Pc's Help

Looking to build a gaming spec pc, but dont' know where to start can anyone point me in the direction of specs or a website that has build sheet's ect?. Ideally want it too run COD6 .

thank's in advance. Mark.



That Gives you the MINIMUM specs for mw2 on a pc.

The minimum/recommended specs are a poor place to start building a PC from.

The way I usually do it is to see which parts are in the mid-range price range and then find reviews of them and see what they recommend (the latest released parts are usually best for comparisons). For graphics cards the best value is usually around £100. For processors I'd go for a quad-core, I don't know what the best value prices are there, £100-150 maybe? Memory-wise more is better, 4GB or more, and the power supply should be a good quality one, 450W should be sufficient for a mid-range graphics card. Then the rest of it isn't important for gaming but you might like to pick up components with quiet fans or a case with a good selection of front ports.

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Thank's for the replies :thumbsup:

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