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Found 6th Jun 2010
My room is not what you call spacious. I already have a HD LCD tv for playing games and I now want to upgrade. Im looking for something 40 inches + that I will sit about 2 feet away. I've read LCDs are better for up close viewing and Plasma have a better depth. In my opinion if Im sitting that close I probably want a full HD 1080p LCD. Max price is around £600. I don't need any Freeview or DVD combination. I don't need the best technology but I want good screen and contrast ratios. If there are no decent ones I am willing to go down to 32" and do you think I should wait until LCDs drop even lower due to 3d tvs?
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What size is your currant tv
19" Goodmans purchased around 4 years ago when HD was taking off.
Ye i see why you need to upgrade. i cant really recomend one but i have some sort of samsung that is a gaming tv and very good but it about 3 years old and so i dont remember the name

Is this a good deal? … Is this a good deal? ]http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/628611/SAMSUNG-LE40C530

looks fine to me mate, but truthfully if your having something of that size, even though for close up viewing (which will effectively screw your eyes lol) your better off going for a plasma as anything over 37" in an LCD isn't that great as its liquid crystal which is being stretched. HTH
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