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[SIZE=2]I'm looking for a 19" or 20" flat panel tv mainly for games in my son's bedroom. I don't need an all singing, all dancing model just the basic. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Can anybody tell me where I could get one at the best price.[/SIZE]


That's one lucky son you have there.

asdas were selling one for £99 last week

For gaming I think the Samsungs are pretty good as they have a "game mode" some LCDs suffer from motion blurring, to be avoided.

The only one I can find is the Samsung 23 and 26 inch widescreen for £450 and £504, which is possibly a tad more expensive.


Have a browse through best-tv-prices.co.uk/

Oh maybe try this one - ]http//ww…htm

Toshiba are very good for LCDs although this is quite an old model - a 56 (the models were 56, then 58, 66 and now 68 I think), maybe ask Currys. We have a 58 version one (37 inch) and its been excellent. £375 plus 3% cashback if you use ]quidco.com

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He's not going to be that lucky Spark :roll:
Thanks Robbo 32 will have a look in Asda tonight
Keep them coming guys


if its for gaming, is a HDTV your after or a normal one?

What about this 26" LG one:]http//ww…379 or this 20" Toshiba: ]http//ww…107
This includes VAT and Delivery.
Remember you get what you pay for and a £99 LCD TV will be exactly that. LG are a very good brand now and compete well with the so called big boys, also remember that most manufacturers use the same components, what you pay extra for is the branding!!!! Happy Hunting
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