Gap - return policy after 30 days

Hi guys. Quick question if I may.

I have two items (with receipt) that I would like to return to Gap after 30 days. Does anybody know if I have any chance of getting an exchange or credit note?



Did you get anywhere with this? I'm in the same situation.

Unlikely, but no harm in asking. Don't ask, don't get.

Best make up a plausible excuse why it has taken you this long to return the items and they may take sympathy on you.

Seeing as the OP has gone AWOL I will update with my experience. I went into Gap shortly after posting above and just stated the facts. No longer want it, unused, still has tags on, but I stupidly went over 30 days. It is apparently up to Manager's discretion.

The manager didn't quibble and said that's fine and issued a full refund. This would have probably been different had I been 30 days over rather than 6. I would have been happy with store credit, but none the less, well done Gap staff.
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GAP are very good for after sales

years ago whilst on vacation to the US I got one of them grey hoodies, after a few months the sleeve began to tear . .so I emailed GAP and wasnt hoping much.. got an email back saying take email to nrearest store and they will either exchange or offer a full refund, took it to Leeds store and got an exchange without any problems.

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