Garage conversion into space for lads but what heating?

Found 10th Nov 2017
It is going to be too expensive for central heating.
Which Is the cheapest on cost throughout the year. Oil filled radiators (movable) or the wall heater panels (on the wall)
Has anyone got any advice on the best size/ watts etc for a garage size 4m x 7m.
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Infrared heaters - a little bit more expensive to buy but will be more cost effective in the long run. They do some slim models you can mount on the roof if you have enough room.…530
Is it a detached garage?
I would insulate it to within a inch of its life
You could also look at insulating the walls, roof and floor if possible will make any heating you do put in more effective/reduce any running costs.
if its attached to the house it wouldnt be to expensive to pip a raditator to it though depends where the boiler is. lots of insulation needed as others have said and one of the biggest problem areas will be the garage door. whatever you put in there the heat will escape through it unless its insulated and gaps are filled.
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As others have said insulate it , will make loads of difference then a oil filled radiator will do the job
The garage has insulation in the walls, ceiling and will be wood flooring with underlay underneath. It is a new build onto the existing garage so only a double glazed door and window. so we've tried to insulate the best we can. The garage is separate from the house so it will cost too much for central heating.
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