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Found 28th May 2007
We're looking to replace a rather old garage door - standard size single garage, within Portsmouth. Would consider any door - but need it delivered & installed, as I doubt a DIY job would work too well.
May also be looking at installing a new inner leaf to the wall for insulation/ waterproof membrane for the floor, and replacing the back door for cosmetic reasons. Would appreciate any reccomendations - had a friend recommend his Dad but would love to save a few quid more - hardly cheap to start with. It's directly adjoining the house so has electircity, but obviously no heating as of yet.

Thanks in advance for any help! Rep for useful posters as always.

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Wickes do them and they're not difficult to fit especially if its a standard frame. I think they are about £250. I've done one couple of years back and think it was mainly fixing some screws to the frame.. All though you can order them from Wickes they usually have a standard sized ones in stock.

Worth investigating before getting a professional in...

there is a wickes instruction leaflet how to fit the door

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Thanks for that but the frame needs replacing as well - somewhat rusted, and possibly buckled steel frame. Probably not as easy a DIY job.
NationalDoors.com quoted £306 delivered + fitted which isn't bad.

Wickes is £259 instore only at best - no delivery or fitting.

That does seem a pretty good price! I'd rather pay an extra fifty quid and not have the hassle of fitting!


We're looking to replace a rather old garage door - standard size single … We're looking to replace a rather old garage door - standard size single garage, within Portsmouth.

I live in Portchester, not too far away. Had a fairly unusual sized door fitted 2 years ago by Academy Garage Doors (02392 384 4385) of waterlooville. £380 all in, including fitting timber to side of garage inside and removal of old door.

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Thanks for that Mike - Will have to check it out - they are only a couple of miles away.

B&Q do garage doors, this one for under 200 notes diy.com/diy…rue have a look instore at the range, and also look on the trade noticeboard - you may find someone advertising a fitting service. You may also be lucky asking the instore building expert (b&q employe experts of the trade i.e electrician, building, plumber, etc to assist with technical queries) and he may be able to fit it for you at a resonable cost - doubt though they will be able to assist with their 20% discount :roll:

don't over 60s get a 10% discount on Weds? If you're going to get one from B & Q ask a friendly oldie to order/buy one for you.....
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