Garage door won't stay up. Any ideas of a fix

Posted 18th Nov 2017
I have a up and over garage door guide old where the springs are situated on the sides of the garage frame. I pull the door up so its horizontal but it then comes down about a foot once you take your hand off. is there any fixes to make the door stay up like it's meant to? thanks
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Bit of 2x4 works a treat to prop it up
Not 100% certain

but my garage up & over door has springs both sides which can be adjusted to increase/decrease tension...
But my door is old....very old

But still functional
Shouldn't the springs be at the top ? You need to get someone out to retension it as it's pretty dangerous to get wrong.…ors?utm_source=bingads&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=up%20and%20over%20garage%20door&utm_campaign=1.%20Up%20%26%20Over%20Garage%20Doors%20-%20(Generic)&utm_content=Up%20and%20Over%20Garage%20Doors

There's two types but the 1st one is more common
kester7645 m ago's two types but the 1st one is more common

Mine are old and I fitted the door myself got it secondhand and had to make a key for it

Wouldn't consider the type I have to be dangerous - it's a simple adjustment but for 20 + years they've worked perfectly and only ever been greased once when first fitted.... maybe the phrase "They don't make em like they used to" still works.
Check the cables at the side. One of mine had snapped, I replaced it with a bike brake cable inner from halfords for £2.50, and used the brass bit out of a electrical terminal block to create the loop at the and to allow adjustment and tension. Took about an hour

Been fine for 5 years....
Check the catch location and see if you can increase tension or move it back a bit
There's normally tensioner nuts along the spring. You can normally tighten the nuts to increase or decrease the tension. But over time the springs becomes stretched reducing the tension. If this is the case you have to replace the spring. They normally available of eBay but I have in the past been to a local garage door fitting company and taken the spring with me and the have used and new springs to match them with. Most garage door companies keep springs from doors they remove as they sell or use them for repairs.
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