Garden nightmare

    Please can anyone advise???

    We paid nearly 2 grand to have our garden cleared of roots & rubble, rotorvated, flattened and prepared for laying turf plus the turf being laid. I had advised the company we chose that the garden had been over run with brambles but that we had cleared them and my main concern was that I didn't want them to come back. I was assured that they would get rid of roots and that they would use a strong weed killer & that no weeds would come through.

    The result: ground was not flattened... was assured this would happen naturally (please... I'm no way clued up on garden issues!); shed loads of stones were left in the ground; when we erected the playhouse, we found roots still in the ground; They claimed the rotovator broke part way through so was turned over by hand, though we didn't witness this as we were away; after 2 months the brambles are back with a vengence. The guy who runs the company came round after the first showing, claimed that this had never happened before and then when he spotted a few brambles over the fence said they must have seeded from there. He gave us a bottle of spot weed killer and told us any problems to get in touch.

    Well... BIG problems... the garden is covered in brambles coming through in all the places they were before the garden was done, even from under the playhouse through the weed control fabric! The plants that were growing around the garden have all sprung up again (we wanted just grass) and to top it off, there are toadstools EVERYWHERE!

    I have contacted the company twice now with no response. I paid by cheque. Do I have any rights regarding this?

    Thanks to anyone who can help with advice.


    Write them a polite but firm letter - send it recorded. Wait for their response, approach trading standards if required? Sorry can't be any further help.

    My emphasis would be to record everything between you and the company should you need to produce evidence in the future!

    dont know what to say really, its not like its one of those jobs where you could have left payment til you saw the finished result. Does sound like they have perhaps cut corners with the ground preparation, maybe contact trading standards see if there are any existing issues with the company

    I am not surprised they did not get rid of the brambles. This is an extremely difficult thing to do and extremely labout intensive.

    Whether you have any rights I guess would depend of the contract you have with the company. However I would suspect it would be almost impossible for you to prove the brambles were left by them rather than came through from somewhere else (although it is obvious they did it is not something I could see you proving easily).

    What I would suggest you do is don't let the brambles get going. Keep attacking them as soon as you see them and they will over a few years weaken and die off. You can use weedkiller on them but I think it would need to be really strong stuff and I would just stick to the mechanical method.

    Also where a piece comes through again and again you could either dig down and try and get rid of a good bit of the root, or cover with layers of newspaper or cardboard in conjuction with the weed suppressent.

    Also you could ask here…849

    You prob get more and better advice.


    as plum has said very difficult to prove, gardening companies know this and know exactly how to get out of it as you have seen first hand. unless you have something in writing guaranteeing what you intially wanted then youll have to put this down to experience.

    gardeners work a lot by word of use yours

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys...

    I shall send a recorded letter. I do have the initial quote but I am concerned that it may be hard to prove the brambles were from original lot!

    Check if you have legal expenses cover with your household insurance. If you have, let them sort it out for you.
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