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Found 3rd Sep 2006

Has anyone seen a good deal on a shed that's at least 10" by 12"? Been wanting one for a while but thought it was prob best to wait untill the end of the summer for a deal.

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What style and use are you looking for? Apex or pent and workshop or storage? Also how much are you prepared to spend on one approximately?
[SIZE=2]If you live anywhere near Aberdeenshire I have a heavy duty 16' X 10' wooden workshop/shed in excellent condition that I am about to sell![/SIZE]
You could try checking out Woolworths, they have some reductions on their sheds at the moment and you can get an extra 20% by using Promotional Code: FRIENDS

[SIZE=1]Where: [/SIZE]][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Woolworths[/COLOR][/SIZE]
To be honest if all you are after is a good second hand shed you may find a good cheap one in your local paper.
I did get a real bargain from an ebay seller, but I had to travel for 2 hours and dismantle it myself.
I must admit, the prices in Woolworths are pretty good, If they were that cheap a few months ago I would have bought one of theirs. :roll:
Bought a 10 x 12 at a local shop 'sheds r us' in worcester fab value at around £550 including wood treatment and installing on own base. so try locally u may find somewhere similar or homebase have a good range on the web site.
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