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    We are looking for a very secure garden shed. We are after one with a proper lock and key rather than a padlock as it is going on our drive at the back of our house. I can't find one like this anywhere - they all seem to be quite flimsy and probably very easy to break into!
    Any ideas anyone???


    I think your on a bit of a looser there, market forces (us lot who want everything cheap) have made sheds cheap and cheerful these days with stapled on side boards which can be levered off in no time, plastic windows which can be out in a second without the sound of breaking glass, or just a lever behind the door hinges.
    If what your storing is that valuable is perhaps shouldnt be in a shed ;-) A concrete sectional garage is maybe your answer with some steel doors and barred windows, then they will just rip off a roof sheet to get in.
    I think all you can do these days is deter them equal to the value of the items inside, or buy a dog and home him in the shed (but be kind to him as a dog is not just for shedmas....)

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    Hi Mike
    To be honest its only for a couple of bikes, a really old lawnmower and half empty paint tins, I just wanted it to look secure! I'm sure if they want to get in they're gonna do it no matter how secure it is, I'll just have to keep looking I suppose.....any ideas on any sheds would be appreciated, padlocked or otherwise!

    Don't know what kind of budget you have Lisa but this site has some offers on at the moment plus they look a bit better that the general diy shop flimsy sheds…;ov
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