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    what would you recommend need a garden shed approx 10 x 10 or a bit bigger wood or metal? please advise


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    I bought a 10x8 wooden shed several months back...I was unimpressed, loads of the parts were bowed and out of shape, the nails provided by them actually went straight through some pieces, and even through the roof! This was one of the cheapest wooden sheds i found, neighbour has an expensive wooden shed and its perfect! I guess you get what you pay for lol

    No idea about metal sheds....but with wood...definately spend more!

    Metal would probably last longer untended, but if you buy a nice wooded shed and can treat it every few years it would be better and look nicer

    Look in your local newspaper classified's as many company make and sell them locally to you. There are lots around me and they seem quite competitive and they are usually well built and last ages.
    My shed was bought locally and is 10 years old and as good as new, treated every couple of years with a good wood preserver.

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    Thanks everyone. Has anyone actually got a metal shed and if so what do you think about them?
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