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Found 25th Feb
Hello all

Looking for some inspiration to improve our garden to enjoy in the summer months. If you find any deals for large BBQs/shrubs/gravel etc, I would hugely appreciate it

Unfortunately our local B&Q isn’t stocking any of the clearance garden goodies
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You’ve missed all the clearance garden goodies they are normally around Oct/Nov.

You may get some spring sales and I know Bradford’s is doing some deals on garden materials (sleepers/gravel etc) delivery is far cheaper than B&Q too.
Check your local builders merchants for the gravel and local plant nurseries, I picked up some hornbeam at the weekend for £4.99 each, same sized plants at the posher garden centre were 24.99 each.
You could get talking to neighbours etc, or someone who looks after their garden and get a few cuttings.
Also keep your eyes peeled for reduced plants, shops usually reduce them when they are ok. They usually over water or a plant might just have died back a bit and needs cut.
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