Garden tips for 5yr old play?!

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As a garden newbie what should I get for the garden to keep a couple of small children happy hours at a time?

I'm always hearing how children spend hours in the garden, but how so?!!
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Hang a board on the fence and paint with blackboard paint.
Small garden patch (a few buckets?) where they can grow some stuff, sunflowers they like because they grow quickly and get tall but strawberries too.

second a trampoline too!
Stick some treasure out the back my wee boys dig dig dig all the time..
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Stick some treasure out the back my wee boys dig dig dig all the time..

Child labour!!!

i like your style
A paddling pool, doesn't have to be a 2ft deep 8ft round one, just a little one with some water in that they can stomp there feet in and splash about in, could add some boats or ducks. Buckets and spades is another cheap option, kids love to dig (and get dirty), maybe put some water in one so they can make mud pies. Toy cars, diggers (either matchbox size or larger plastic ones) or a farm set. Skittles, plastic balls to use in the paddling pool or for a general kick about or a game of catch (no one gets hurt and less likely to go over neighbours garden). They could make their own den with some chairs and an old sheet or two, or, if you have a washing line, drape the sheet over that hold the sheet down with a few bricks.
If you want them out there for hours at a time, some sort of playhouse /fort with a roof or provide shelter. Little ones are very susceptible to sun stroke. Avoid structured play toys (do you remember the kids at Christmas playing more with the cardboard boxes than the toys inside them?) Those big plastic coated foam shapes are expensive, but ideal. Something like these

Plastic is good, but remember to wash it regularly and check for cracks and sharp corners regularly too.
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A fort is good, maybe a slide or swing if you have the room/cash. Trampoline (but don’t leave them unsupervised), sand pit (although cats may use it as a litter box), shapes, balls, giant Lego bricks, paddling pool, foam darts, skittles, remote control cars (the ones that drive on grass with big tyres), little ride on cars/trikes. List is endless
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Plant some seeds, the kids will enjoy it and respect the flowers and wildlife
Bubble wands / toys The works have some fairly cheap at the moment.
Pavement chalks? They can draw and colour to ttheir hearts content then when you're ready, you just wash it off.
I'd second the large pavement chalks , children will play for longer when they are using their imagination rather than giving them a specific toy with one use. Also if you get a couple of cheap decorating brushes they they can paint pictures on your patio/paving stones etc in water , equally they will enjoy "painting " fencing etc too , anything which will change colour when wet .

Most schools have a " mud kitchen " set up for younger children now , just some old non breakable pots,pans and wooden spoons , so they can use soil to "cook" with, sounds a bit odd, but another thing to keep them occupied for a while. Maybe a large pop up tent if you can't go all out on a playhouse so they have some shelter too.

If you have flowers in your garden ( check to make sure not toxic) , then they tend to love making perfume from rose petals and water, and magic potions from petals.
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