Garden Toys Wanted Please!!

I would like to get some garden toys (like a slide/climing frame etc) for my little girl.
She is 18 Months and loves playing out so I'm being optomistic that we will have a good summer so she can play out in them!!

Don't want to spend a fortune (less than £100 ideally for a big item) & I'd preffer the stuff to be new or in very, very good condition.

Rep as always for helpers!!


hiya i have 8ft trampoline for collection if your near me £10.00

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hiya i have 8ft trampoline for collection if your near me £10.00

Thanks - maybe next summer!! She's a bit small for that. I'll try & remember to PM you next Spring to see if you still have it!! Cheers though!!:)

If you live in north yorkshire adventuretoys.co.uk/ apparently has fantastic offers on stuff in store. The stuff on line is a good price especially if you can find stuff in the specials section as they often only have damaged boxes but everything is there. Fantastic customer service.
Ebay is great for little tykes stuff. It is made so well that it is almost impossible to damage, dirt will just scrub off it. I bought a twin slide climbing frame off there for £40 they retail at £200 and it is brilliant. You will always get a good price if you wanted to sell it after.
Consider investing in a TP climbing frame. They can start as toddler sizes and they grow with your child and you can add to them. My mom got one for my 4 year old and 20 month old for christmas. I haven't put it up yet but I am sure she will have no problems getting on it, she manages to climb up ladders OK now! ELC do them and you can usually get 20%off. What ever you do don't waste your money on a brand new small little tykes frame (the one around £50) they advertise they are suitable for up to 4 year olds but in my experience they are far too small by the time they hit 2. Unless you find one at a very good price of course.
Hope this helps
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