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Found 28th Jun 2010
I got some vegetable seeds a few months back and thought I knew everything I had planted, however I now have maybe two different plants that I have let grow thinking they were one of the vegetables. Now everything else has grown I'm pretty sure they are not something I planted and are probably just weeds. Any gardeners want to confirm this before I rip them out?

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There's 7 low res photos on that link above.

Initial thoughts/worries would be Japanese Knotweed. However, the leaves seem quite narrow in your photo rather than the familiar heart-shape.

They are weeds, don't know what they are, but I seem to able to grow them too!

Its A Vermitiouse Camid

Its a type of pigweed - just googled it.


Original Poster

Thanks, just went ripped the piggybacking ******s out.

I thought I had been cultivating some beautiful beetroots when I saw one of those growing in my planter. I was so upset when my mother told me it was a weed


Your image:


As weeds go, its not that ugly or menacing. More like a wild plant than a pest.

weeds are only unwanted plants
so if a rose was in the garden and you dont want it it is a weed
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