Found 12th Feb 2009
As title suggests kids and i have decided to beet the credit crunch and grow some veggies and am in need of any help pepole can give, need seeds or ved plants (cheap) garderning tools wheel barrow ect have tried b&q (b&expensive more like lol) so any help appriciated

rep for any help given

thx in advance
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Instore & Home Bargains have loads of cheap seeds & pots & gloves and stuff if you have one of those near you.
B&M , Home bargins or poundshop all do gardening equipment and seeds
or look out at carboot sales for cheap gardening equipment
asda do a range of gardening equipment too at resonable prices or wilkonsons they cheap too for seeds and equipment
boyes also have some good deals at times:thumbsup:
If you have a wilkinson near you they sell lots of garderning bits:thumbsup:
pondshop having lots of tools

also car boots.
HI there

There are plenty of good sites online, that do a seed swop service, try lets grow veg, or growfruitandveg.co.uk and join the forum there are always people willing to share, swop or give away seeds

I also use the BBC gardeners world Ps if you have Tesco clubcards, you can get the magazine and there are stacks of free offers


I have lots of chilli seeds available if you want to send me a stamp, pm me

Your local village or town, will almost certainly have a gardening association and they will hold seed swops and give loads of advice
in fact we could start a seed swop on here !!
wow what a great help from all i thank you all for such great help i will be visting wilkos and getting a tesco book from store tonight, chatt allotment i will be joinung as soon as i have posted this, and a seed swop would be fantastic on here. unfortunatly a home bargains we dont have but i know a relative that we need to vist with one near them so will also do that.

as promised rep for all and thank you so much and bit cold for a boot fair but will also look there thx
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