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I have a Garmin vivo active watch and used it for swimming for the first time today. My local pool is 20m long but this isn't an option when selecting pool length on the watch, anyway I can input this data manually through the app? I've looked but can't see a way to do it.


I can't answer your question directly, but I can point you to the Garmin forum, which might help.…ess…php

You will have to join to post a question, but you can look through the posts without joining.

I've got a Vivoactive. When you go into the swimming app it asks you for the pool size. As you say, 20m is not one of the options but there is a "custom" option which should let you enter any value you want.

I doubt you can edit the data retrospectively. You might be able to download the file from Garmin Connect via a PC and have a play about with the raw data and upload it again, then delete the original.

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Thanks guys.
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