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Posted 8th Apr
Looking to upgrade my Vivoactive 3 to a Fenix, primarily for the longer battery life as am pushing on from marathons to ultras, and also going to try triathlons.
The different specs are confusing between the 5 & 6 varients.

Any advice on what best model for a budget up to £400?

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The Fenix 6 is the newest model out has a improved gps chip in it and a better battery life. There are different versions 6s means small (as in smaller design) 6 is the medium version and the 6x is the larger version. Solar means it can charge when your outside and the sapphire version has tougher glass screen.

The fenix 5 plus doesnt have a solar version but it has the small medium and large versions. The fenix 5 plus isnt getting any new features added just bug fixes.

The fenix 5 is really old and dont bother getting it.

If it was me I would try and stretch and spend the extra money on the fenix 6 I think the extra features are worth it.

Why do you want a fenix watch have you looked at the garmin 945?…922

You might find that slightly cheaper (quick search £469) and it will allow you to run, swim, cycle it has a 36 hour battery on gps without music.

So to sum up If you can stretch get the fenix 6 get the one with maps its really useful (£550) if you want to explore a new route. Otherwise I would get the the 945.

Hope that helps
Thank you, very helpful.
I’ve got the fenix 5 plus which is great for my purposes, looked at the 6 but couldn’t justify the price compared with the 5 plus.
Some great deals around now on the 5 plus.
Yeah i don't really want to stretch my budget, and their seems to be some good prices on the 5.
I see the plus has music and maps - i wonder if this effects battery drain compared to the likes of the 5 sapphire?
I do like the all-black look of the sapphire too.
Yes music, maps and nfc are a must for me, I do multi sports but mainly cycling and running and the tracking is generally excellent.
Gps is a battery drainer, on average I use 30 mins gps a day and charge lasts about 3-4 days if that helps.
Thanks, my vivo doesn't have music - but i have my mobile with me on runs, and i have garmin pay set up on my watch - but only used it once to see if it worked!
So won't miss any of those.
I have found an offer, (glitch) that for the money was too good to pass up on.
Can't post it as a deal here, as discount code is no longer working it seems.
The Fenix 5 Sapphire, paid £271.15, with an additional £18.08 cashback that has tracked.
It is a lovely looking watch and will suit my needs and more so.

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