Garmin Forerunner 305

    Can anybody find me a really cheap price for this
    best i can find is £149 on amazon
    Rep for help


    does it have to be new?

    go on ebay, then onto completed listings for garmins and give a cheeky offer to one that hasn't sold.

    Original Poster

    Fair point
    Il have a look

    Spent ages looking and amazon does seem to be cheapest but found this on ebay at £140 + £7 pnp (which is a couple of quid cheaper), BUT it does have the "make offer" button so i'd offer him £123 (+£7 pnp) =£130 savin yourself £20. Worth a try maybe?
    There's more cheaper ones on there but they're all from the US.

    For some reason it won't let me put the link (that works) in.
    Just do a search on ebay for buy it now and it comes up at £140.

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    Thanks man really needing one of these

    ive got one of these, there great for running with, ebay might be the best option
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