Garmin NUVI 710T Sat Nav...any owners???

    Just seen a deal for the above sat nav on the PC word website...priced at £129.97, so i just wondered whats the general opinion on this model. the spec seems VERY good, thinking of going and having a look so any opinions would be helpfu...taa in advance


    I haven't got that exact model but I love my Garmin NUVI and would presonally recommend one over tom tom any day x

    Let us know how you get on?

    Price sounds really good to me, mine was bought last feb and cost well over £200!!

    Original Poster

    cheers, can only see it in other places around the £160 mark...dont really want to post it though...I have seen the stick some people get for posting 'deals' that others dont necessarily class as deals...thought if people want a look they can go via this

    Original Poster it today...its adertised as £225 instore but got it at the above price :)...its reallly good...posted it as a deal to share the luck
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