Garmin or Tom Tom

    Need some advice on which to go for and what model. Got about £200 - 250 to spend.

    Heard that the algorithms that the Tom Toms use aren't that good if you have to change your route on the way. I know prior to the in car sat navs the best hand held devices (used by the Forces and trekkers) were Garmins. Are Tom Toms all hype and am I just paying for all the adverts?

    I would appreciate any experience anybody has of either.



    I've been to stansted aiport twice this year from east yorkshire, once using a garmin StreetPilot i3 (about 6 months old) and a tom tom one(about 1 year old i think). They both came up with the same route, but when driving the tom tom updated quicker as you drove along, about 4 to 5 time a second; were the garmin was about 1 to 2 a second. Also the tom tom was faster if you went the wrong way at calculating a new route. I also found the menu on the tom tom a little better to use.

    Hope this helps.

    ]Tom Tom one at currys Although you will be able to get it cheaper else where i think

    I have a TT700 and have no complaints, also got traffic and speed cams on it and find it very good - only one complaint, when you hit traffic and ask for a reroute it tries to put me back onto the same road, maybe it is just me but otherwise it's great. You also need to have all the options shown on the screen like ETA time, mileage how long before you get to your destination. Re routes almost as fast as you start on the wrong route, but in most cases it will tell you to U turn and then re track unless you have an inkling of where you want to turn off. You can also select the type of roads you want to use over the ones you don't. Linked in with TT Home on your PC it is a handy bit of kit.

    My only big complaint - the sales guy told me there were no new models coming out 3 months before they were released otherwise I would have gone for the TT910. bummer.

    Tomtom one v2 is fantastic piece of kit and can be had for around £180-£200 at the moment...I have had garmins and Tomtoms and the Tomtoms in my opinion are the better satnav devices...;-)

    Route 66 from Halfords - was £359.99 now £179.99

    I just got one and brill! I would say better than a tom tom.…962

    Don't know where you got £360 from as these retail at £199 everywhere without any special offers...…tml

    This is the one you want its the latest with the most up to date maps and software, and knocks spots off the other *10 series...…545

    I had a TT 300 (until it got stolen) and now have a 510. I don't have experience of the Garmin so I can't comment on it, but I can't fault the Tomtom at all.

    If you want to check prices, I find this site very good - ]http//ww…wyA.

    Good luck with whichever model you choose!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks everybody for your replies especially iand68 for your excellent link. :thumbsup:


    If you want to check prices, I find this site very good - … If you want to check prices, I find this site very good - ]

    TomTomGo 910 - £299.99 at Dixons pluse voucher code discount by 5% or 10% to make it £280?? worth to check it!? hope this helps?…jsp

    Highlights: The Garmin nüvi 300 tops a group test of other in-car sat nav devices, scoring 88% and winning the Which? ‘Best Buy’ award.

    Original Poster

    I was looking at the Nuvi range as its much more compact than the Tom Toms. You can't leave them in your car without some scr*te putting your window through and the Nuvi is more pocket size. Nobody seems to mention the Nuvi on any forums I have read. Apart from what my wife says, does size matter!!!? :whistling: Are you getting the same performance from a smaller unit?

    not used one but have a garmin C510 but know I would rather have the nuvi cos of its size.

    The nüvi also offers a travel kit of useful travel tools to help keep any journey fun: MP3 player, audio book player from, JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, and calculator. In addition, optional software packages such as the Language Guide and Travel Guide (sold separately on SD Data cards) can be added for language and content support.

    Must be decent to win best buy 2006 and I think its very good looking:)

    Think the carphone warehouse price buts it ahead of tomtom for me anyway.

    To be fair I think any thief would have your window out for any sat nav regardless of size or brand. They do have Garmin Lock but this doesnt stop it from being stolen but may make it harder for the thief to sell, some consolation.


    The Nuvi's are good satnavs that impress but unfortunately they suffer from the old garmin curse...All the updates are buggy and they always take ages to iron out small problems with the updates, usually releasing another update to cure the last buggy update that they had just released...:x

    Got fed up with my Garmin and sold it on ebay and got myself the Tomtom one v2...Its superb and just does everything better than the Garmin units.....(And no bugs in the updates)..:)

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    Thanks col

    Just trying to find out the difference between them now.

    Can you buy the software to make them European?

    nüvi 300
    Customers can purchase one of eight regional coverage areas:

    Italy and Greece
    Switzerland, Austria, Eastern France, Northern Italy, and Southern Germany
    Germany and Czech Republic
    U.K. and Ireland
    Spain and Portugal
    The nüvi 300 comes with approximately 200 MBs of internal memory for storage of supplemental maps, MP3s, and audio books (available from

    Nuvi video-…tml

    Original Poster

    Just found this for free maps on the wqebsite you recommended col…033

    A bit more complicated but in my price range!!! :-D
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