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    Hi guys, i'm looking for a sat nav which also covers europe. Where I live in Northern Ireland, garmin offers best coverage due to Navteq maps.
    Can anyone advise as to the best model and what features I should be looking for as I'm a bit confused with all the extras?mPrice wise I'm looking at around £250 and from searching the web I see I can get practically every model for within this budget so all help appreciated.


    TomTom one Europes are less than £100 in Tesco today only - is there an issue with coverage for you because I have found tomtom maps o be excellent.

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    Yes, here in Belfast, Tom Tom don't offer accurate maps as I have this on my Nokia N95 and the coverage is pathetic.....driving on a main road registers as a blank screen in some places. I have tried my mates Garmin and it is really accurate even out in teh middle of nowhere.

    Garmin it is then.

    Garmin 250W is good with widescreen and European mapping already. Keep checking Amazon, got mine for £115, but price volatile
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