Garmin vs TomTom

    My mum wants to get my Dad a sat-nav for xmas, but we've never had any experience with them before. Any suggestions on brands or models?
    After a quick browse I prefer the interface of the TomToms, but the live services are expensive after the first year. The only requirement is that it's a good one, and has Europe mapping (they're hiring a car in Portugal in the summer...)



    i would personally reccommend the tom tom, had one for 3 years and still works a charm - incredibly easy to use and very clear.

    tom tom ftw !


    lol. Silly question dude... tomtom every single time.

    Some loser will pop up and say they've had some 8 year old Garmin and its fantastic, but seriously - ignore them morons.

    Tomtom. No question.

    I have a Garmin and i really dont like it, mind it is 3 years old now.....i only got it because it was pink X)

    its a little crap when you come to a road with many turn offs as its unclear which one to take, im gonna get a tom tom next time fo sho
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