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Found 10th Sep 2008
ive followed everything i can find on websites on how to get this working on my n95 8gb - ive not uninstalled it and want somebody whos already got it running (or any other gps software running and fully working) to run me through EXACTLY what to do please im well stressted with this! also i dont want to be paing for data as im with three and they change a packet ontop of what im already paying for my contract, many thanks ppl! i have msn if that easier to run me through it cheers ppl


I also have the N95 8gb and would be interested in maybe installing this, what is the nokia maps like that u can download free.

i have nokia maps on my n95 8gb. click on it and it'll open (make sure you have unlimited internet access). keep your phone open, as the GPS locater is under the keypad (for reasons best know to Nokia). it connects to some satellites and give your location. you can then program where you want to go and it'll give you written directions. not spoken though, although i have only used it twice while lost in an unfamiliar city and haven't really played around with it.

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anyone else know how to install a totally free sat nav on the n95 8gb?? garmin or tom tom

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I totally understand your frustration, been through the same thing.

For Nokia n95 8gb and using Garmin:

1- Get out of your house, you will never get a clear signal inside the house.

2- Menu > Tools > Connectivity > GPS Data > Navigation.

3- At Navigation it will say "no connection". Thats alright.

4- Now click "Option" and choose "Satellite Status".

5- Should say something along the lines: "No satellite data available". Thats good.

6- Now slide the phone open and hold it up so that the number pad is facing the sky, some 140 degrees.

7- Wait patiently, the signal will come eventually.

8- As soon as it does, get out of that navigation bit and go to applications and select Garmin.

9- Voila!! Its working

Hope that helps, I might not see any replys to this topic so for any further assistance PM me.


anyone else know how to install a totally free sat nav on the n95 8gb?? … anyone else know how to install a totally free sat nav on the n95 8gb?? garmin or tom tom

Garmin and Tomtom are not free.....:whistling: or am i misunderstanding your question?
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