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Found 16th Dec 2016
Hi - my son's PC has a GTX 460 card and he's asking for an update for 1080p gaming.
What would give me best bang for buck?
> a GTX 1050Ti at around £140
> a GTX 1060 3Gb at around £200
> a GTX 1060 6gb at around £240
I'd like to spend as little as possible, but only if I'm getting good value, otherwise I will save a bit more.

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Either the Rx470 or 1050ti

you will see a decent difference with any but would say 1050ti offers best bang for buck

if £200+ isn't out of the question, a 480 sounds the obvious answer right now I think. It's what I'd buy if I needed a card this week.

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Okay, thanks all ...
Also, will the 1050Ti card go to 1440p in future if I upgrade my monitor? I'm leaning towards a 1050Ti for the lower power draw (and cost!).

Best bang for your buck with upto 1440p would be a second hand 970 (sub £150 on ebay)

if you want new then 1060 or rx480 at £200+

The 1050ti would struggle at 1440p

If you're buying a new monitor then forget nVidia cards unless you need an nVidia specific technology. G-sync is so much more expensive and without it AMD's cards have a clear smoothness advantage - especially if you prefer higher resolution over higher frame rate.

Stick to the RX 460 4GB, 470 or 480
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Thank you everyone!
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