Garth Brooks 5 concerts back on...............Yawnnnn

    For those of you who dont know what onearth i'm on about. Mr Brooks had 5 concerts booked for Dublin later this month. Dublin council only granted a licence for three. Garths "All or None" ultimatum backfired on him and on Tuesday he pulled out altogether. ( rather selfish in my opinion) It dominated the NI news for almost 15mins on tuesday. Personally i couldn't have cared less as thought it was selfish and he obviously didnt care about his fans. Surely the promotors knew when they booked. Also millons of revenue was to be lost. Yesterday the refund procedure was announced. Just now it has been announced they are all back on again. Ws it all just a bad publicity stunt, guess we'll never know, but please god don't let it dominate the news fr another 48 hrs. Next thing will be those who got refunded will have to pay again and then sites will crash blah blah blah Rant over.


    Apparently they only agreed to allow 3 night shows and 2 matinee shows and........ Mr Brooks is not happy and has refused this ultimatum! The fans who have tickets must be "confused"

    Who is Garth Brooks?

    Personally I thought it was stupid of the Dublin council to block all of that lovely money coming their way.
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    How did he go from being an unfavoured BBC pundit to touring Ireland doing gigs?

    Never going to happen.

    Too many cancelations at this stage for the whole thing to just 'happen again'.

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    Yeah won't do matinees. Being the 11/12 july weekend Mr Brooks should be out of the news for a few days now.
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