gary linekers new add what aload of toss

    how the **** dose that man get away with constantly making **** adverts is beyond me



    He doesnt make them. (Serious)


    What guv said but with even more seriousness.


    He does not make them.

    Original Poster

    yer silly man he dosnt make them lol

    He should be remembered as a great poacher and decent football presenter,but he just embarasses himself with his greed!!!…dZM - full version lol

    its better then that webuyanycar **** and that stupid halifax isa ****

    Edited by: "gezza" 27th Apr 2011

    Obviously he doesn't make the adverts, but that doesn't excuse the fact the are awful and he should see sense and not make a t1t of himself.

    LIFE. Serious business.

    It's not as bad as Jenson Button's Head and Shoulders..that's really bad

    lmao quality advert



    Reminds me of this...

    I knew what that link would be before I clicked it and yes - it does lol.

    I quite like the advert for pure randomness.
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