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    hi am currently on EDF pre payment meters for dual fuel and want to swap to normal meters paying by direct debit monthly,im in kent,so wondered if anyone knew any good suppliers to go with,would appriciate the feed back........thanks


    go on to a comparison site such as

    If I was in your shoes, I would do a bit of research on supply prices in your postcode, use sites like [url][/url].

    When you find a few likely suppliers check out a cashbacksite ]like quidco and see if that supplier has any offers on. Do not select the supplier based solely on cashback as it is not a guaranteed payment, also before going ahead with the transaction make sure you clear cookies:thumbsup:.

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    thanks for replies,tried moneysupermarket but cant give me prices for changing from pre payment to normal meter,same as whichswitch.thanks for your help anyway


    does it show you which is the best tariff for you?

    If you find a suitable/cheaper supplier then I suggest you give them a call and explain the situation, they will want to know why a prepayment meter was fitted and may well insist that it remains in place for some months after switching. They may also insist that you have to use their standard tariff whilst the prepayment remains fitted.
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