Posted 24th Sep 2022 (Posted 2 h, 15 m ago)
When is everyone going to enter the readings for those without smart meter?
It's going to crash again with the large volume of readings being registered so I did mine 2 days early last price hike with no problems.
It's a question and a heads up.
Think I'll go Sunday night.
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    I did mine this morning; not that it will make that much difference as EDF lost the readings I submitted the day before the last time this happened; always a good idea to keep your readings in a little notebook by the meter.
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    Do it the day before everyone else or very early in the morning when most are still in their flea pits. (edited)
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    I am planning first thing in the morning, which is before 5:30am most days for me.
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    Think this time will be worse and total crash with servers.
    My supplier put note up saying you can email reading.
    My plan is to go real early then maybe try and update on the day. I can do that with my supplier.
    Tbh if you go early add a number on ( fraud) jobs a good un. I'll see what supplier advises but it's going to go peat tong. Did last time
    Last time Octopus allowed you to submit your reading up to a week after the date and it would be backdated. Not heard from them about it yet.
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    Last thing at night as I did last time.

    Take photos of them and make sure they are date/ time stamped.

    If it's crashed email CS with account number and the pictures. If the system is down thats not a you problem as long as you can prove it.