Gas and Electricity fixed price deals

    With EDF announcing today that they are increasing gas prices by 22% and elec by 17% I thought it may be worth pointing out there are a couple of live deals at the time of posting that could save you money very quickly and give you a fixed price for a little over 12 months.

    There is a stong probibility that all energy companies will now follow edf and up their prices from very quickly. If edf's lead is followed the increase will be in the region of 15-25% now and a chance more will follow later this year. Currently there are fixed or capped rate deals from 3 different suppliers. All are guaranteed until a date in 2009 and are charged at a premium rate above a non-fixed/capped rate (Extra % shown in brackets);

    British Gas (10%)
    Scottish Power (16%)
    E.ON (14%)

    (These % figures are approximate so don't flame me for slight innacuracies please!)

    While these offers are still open (which may only last for this weekend) existing customers could switch to these deals and chose to pay the 9-16% extra required. However when these companies increase their prices they are very likley to increase by more than 16% for all non-capped/fixed customers. The end result is that you could save money then until the end of your 2009 deal.

    So in other words you could be with BG now on a standard rate. Chosing their fixed rate product means you will be chosing a product that's around 10% dearer today but by next week COULD be a bargain if they increase their prices by 15% or more.

    Prices vary according to where you live so there's not a 100% method for being accurate on prices for everyone. Don't forget to look at Quidco etc for cashback deals too - some offer as much as £62 for joining them with both fuels if you want to switch from your current provider(s). I'd suggest using moneysupermarket, uswitch, energyhelpline or one of the others to research what the actual cost and best supplier is for you, then see if Quidco or similar have a cash back offer available.

    I can't see any other provider currently offers a fixed or capped product that you can now join but if you find one please add it to this thread.

    This is likely to be valid for only a short time. Energy companies don't usually withdraw rates over the weekend but come Monday I'd expect some of this post to be out of date.

    Note that BG and SP both charge a penalty fee on their current offers if you leave early. Their products are also fixed so if prices come down their rate stays the same. Eon currently don't charge a penalty and it's capped so prices could fall and go back up to the capped rate, but no higher. Eon do have a rate that gives a 'free' energy savings monitor. There is a penalty if you leave that one early.


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    As a separate issue (and as posted by many others), all energy companies HAVE to be seen to help vulnerable customers and to offer energy savings ideas and tips to customers. So for example if you are over 70 or get certain state benefits (particularly if they are health related) you may well qualify for a variety of free things, for example, free loft and/or cavity wall insulation, free light bulbs, energy savings devices. State benefits include full child tax credit and working tax credit.

    Companies also have many energy savings ideas and often have teams dedicated to helping customers reduce their use.

    Search for forums here for links or call your energy company for help.

    I have been meaning to do this for sometime and you have just given me the kick up the bottom to get on with it. As soon as i have eaten friday nights customary take away.

    Heat and rep left.

    Why are people voting this cold?

    I went on uswitch (and got cash back with quidco) and did it all on line a couple of weeks ago- went with a capped rate with npower that also gave 12 months free boiler cover.

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    because whilst it might be good advice..its not really a deal...shouldnt … because whilst it might be good advice..its not really a deal...shouldnt it be in the misc forum??(havent voted)

    Possibly yes. However I thought it would still qualify as a deal because by next week it more or less certainly will have saved people money?

    I do take your point though.

    Thanks for posting this coz I just presumed I would have missed the boat for capped / fixed rates. Will get hubby onto it tonight! I dont care if deal or not, VERY glad it was posted here H&R aplenty.


    Moved to misc

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    Moved to misc

    That's a bit mean isn't it? :?

    Surely a post that saves customers money is a deal isn't it? I never read misc, only the deals section - how many others may miss out on this.

    It's also interesting to see that MSE has sent out an Emergency Special Money Tip tonight on exactly this subject, suggesting that they think it's worth exploring as a money saver.

    I've edited the heading clearly indicating that you can save money with this deal now. Any chance of moving it back to the deals section - it got a fair bit of interest and response when in that section, now you've moved it to misc it's not attracting any interest.


    Make sure you compare with what you are currently paying. These fixed rates are 60% more than what I currently pay so I'm not going to bother as will only lose out if prices go up 60% in the next 4-5 months which I doubt. I loved that 'leaked' centrica boss's statement about prices going up by 70%.

    He would say that, wouldnt he!


    I think the title of this deal is misleading saying 'save 10% now'.

    Just re-checked what I currently pay (Atlantic) against the best fixed rate available (scottish power - 1 year fixed)

    Current gas rate per unit 2.62p
    Scottish power fixed rate 4.364
    Difference in percent = 66%

    Current electric rate per unit 10.26p
    Scottish power fixed rate 18.041
    Difference in percent = 75%

    Dont think I'll be in any rush to switch! Prices will need to double within 3 months for me to have lost out as the fix is only for a year.

    Not a great deal IMHO.

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    The fact it's been removed as a deal is something I don't agree with, it limits it's visibility too much. This is something specific and tangible that could benefit many. I hope you took the opportunity while you could to fix prices.

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