Gas and Electricity Supplies

    I have just bought myself my first house which is a new build and i was just enquiring as to how i go about getting a gas and electricity supplier. I assume i just ring up the supplier i want and tell them that i want them to supply my electricty and gas? Or is not as easy as that, do they have to install a meter and stuff or will they already come fitted with the property itself?

    Thanks in advance


    exactly as you said, find the cheapest and ring them up.

    look on the cashback sites or even the utilities own website for incentives.

    Your house will already have meters fitted.
    The gas & electric supplies should be connected & working - make a note of the meter readings on the day you move in, in case there is a dispute about how much you have used and also in case there is a dispute about which provider thinks they are supplying your gas & electric. It's probably best to ask the developers who the current supplier is & then contact the suppliers & let them know that you intend to change, otherwise you may find 2 companies billing you (it happened to me!)
    Comparison site like Uswitch are useful for finding out the cheapest supplier. DON'T take on a supplier just because they knock at your door & tell you that they are the cheapest.
    Good luck with the house:thumbsup:


    Try utility warehouse
    you send reading to them monthly in return they find you the best prices.
    Contact direct to obtain a discount.
    Or find a agent but they will get paid.everytime you pay a bill.:thumbsup::santa:
    50p I think
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