Gas AND Log Burner fireplace?

Found 28th Mar
Hi All,

is it possible to have a fireplace which which runs off gas but is also capable of burning logs as well?

I like the idea of having one if such a thing exists but i cant seem to find anything on the market apart from something by a Dutch company charging 8k.

Any links to such fireplaces would be appreciated.

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No, You can get a gas fireplace that looks like its burning logs but thats as close as you are going to get I'm afradid
Go all in have a multi fuel burner !! We’ve experienced loss of gas supply and electricity over the past few years and without a multi fuel burner I’d of been tad cold. Other week when had the snow beast from the east 5 or whatever were on now- we had a radiator removed new one fitted etc etc so the system was drained out and out of action for few hours. This bought fire into action for the home and yet again proved its worth!
Get a wood burner but research well and spend the money. Skimping will bite you on the ass. Clearview are wonderful.
I'd imagine the ash and general waste from burning logs would cause havoc with the gas components.
I have a gas fire which isn’t working now but am looking to change to a log burner as have an open gas fire. The gas costs too much to run. Log burners are generally cheaper to run (buy pile of wood in the summer when it’s cheaper) but you will need a log store to put it in and keep it dry.
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