Posted 28th Dec 2022 (Posted 2 h, 0 m ago)
I got my gas bill yesterday for the month and to my horror it was £600 The energy price cap brought it down to £453. I know energy price has gone up, but this is 3.7 times more than the same month last year (where it was £162) and our consumption has not changed from last year.

Is this what everyone is experiencing? No wonder everyone is going on strike over pay.
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    It used to be 2.4p per unit and now it's 10.3 so it's actually gone up over 4x for me, it's also cost me over £400 for the last month including electric, thankfully I bought a heat pump dryer last month or I'd be over 500 (edited)
    This is the sort of increase that I am seeing. I don't have the bill to hand but I think it has gone up from 4p a unit to 15p a unit
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    Don't forget the energy price cap is going up another 20% in a few weeks.
    It is, but so is the governemnet price cap guarantee to compensate for it, so your unit prices should remain the same (to within a few hundredths of a pence) until april. (edited)
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    If you've not done anything to reduce your usage or improve efficiency in your house then what do you expect?
    i don't expect the price to have gone up 370% from last year!
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    I think mine hit £200 this month, but I am in credit and combined with the discount have paid £83.

    As far as the strikes go, are energy company employees striking ?

    Personally I think they should get to the back of the queue along with postal and rail workers, these guys aren't the lowest earners and are clowns, and would argue carers and nurses are first in line with minimum wage ph retail workers just behind. (edited)
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    Not shocked at all by my energy bills. We were all well informed about what to expect. Of course, some will simply be unable to pay and go into debt, some will raid their savings, some will cut back (budget) on all sorts of things, some will exercise their muscles and seek improved income, some will do benefit checks to ensure they are receiving the maximum entitled benefits. Repeating - not shocked any bit by this. It has always been this way, regardless of the steepness of the rise and regardless of the areas of expenditure people decide to spend their money on.
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    Yes and we have all been told what it will be in April and folks will still moan and be shocked
    I'm shocked
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    "I got my gas bill yesterday for the month and to my horror it was £600"

    3 beds, in most of the day and we refuse to be cold. Total gas bill for December will be just under £100.
    no other heating.

    I don't understand why yours is so high.
    Ours is the same, 4 bed old property. We have the heating on as we have to aswel for hot water. We only put £100 on the Bil every month and we’ve been fine. We’re with British Gas
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    Also remember your bill usually states cost before you get the government price guarantee. So it's good to have a look and see what kind of costs you are talking next year.
    I don't have the bill to hand but I think it estimates our annual gas consumption to be £2,200
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    I think the Dec cold spell hit us more than we think. Having the heating on for 3 hours a day in DEC22 used a lot more Gas than DEC21, regardless of cost per unit.

    But, yes it's a little expensive at the moment.

    Time to let Russia and Ukraine talk and hopefully get the Gas pipes turned back on and it will be back to normal. The prices and inflation is temporary.
    i checked the units of gas used and it was the same as last year, so for us it is simply the price increase.
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    Have you been submitting actual meter readings?
    yes, the bill is always done on meter readings submitted.
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    Mine is £50 for gas for 1st December to 22nd.

    But we cook with gas and have a combi boiler.
    Heating was on 4 times for a few hours when it was that really cold weather.
    Ours was on every day as needed but we do have a LOT of loft insulation.
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    Is that your usage bill or the direct debit they expect you to pay? if it's the latter, now's the time to cancel the DD and pay what you owe and only what you owe.
    I pay when I get the bill, which is issued when I submit a reading
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    Posting I paid x or y is less useful  without a figure to compare too. To say I am paying £x for y units will help everyone compare.
    I think most people are paying about the same per kWh because of the cap. (edited)
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    £260 a year standing charge (Dual fuel) also leaves me a trifle miffed .
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    Our heating has been on about 12-15 hours a day for the last fortnight.

    I don't want to look at my December bill
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    Ours came in at £500 for 1 month to the 27th of December which kind of shocked me as we hadn't used gas alot as me and my wife work so don't put it on until 3pm weekdays until 7pm and it's on most of the weekend. I have had a new humidifier that runs all day so that has probably pushed it up. I'm having a new gas smart meter installed next week as I haven't been able to send readings due to the battery dying in the old one. That might not have helped my cause!
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