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    I live in a block of 6 flats that are only electric and I would love a gas connection, having contacted wwutilities I think I'm within the limits to pay a standard charge for the fitting (£541 ex VAT). I then started to contact the other owners about consent to have the pipe fitted but it seems that they now also want a gas line and we will have to put in a multiple connection quote, will this now be a much higher cost because of the design for all the flats or will it work out cheaper as it will be divided between the 6 of us??


    There was no gas at the property we live in when we moved in. All the neighbours did have supply. I think it was british guess charged us around £600 to run a pipe from the road and fit a gas meter at our property. I know your situation is different but I hope this helps


    Should make it cheaper as the cost of running gas pipe from the road to your block of flats is now shared between you.


    I take it you all own the properties then on freehold and not leasehold?

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    Just stumbled on ths again, I managed to get the agreement of all the other owners to let me put a supply in at the cost of £541 from wales & west utilities. thanks for all the comments
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