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Gas cooker installation regulations re. walls

Posted 27th Mar 2014
My mum ordered a new gas cooker last week but at the last minute had to cancel the order, due to her kitchen walls. She has had her current gas cooker for about 25 years and behind it there are about 6 rows of small tiles (only behind the cooker and about one tile extending on each side ). She was told by the supplier (when arranging delivery) that the wall behind the cooker has to be tiled and there should be no paper on the wall behind it. The gas cooker that she ordered has a glass safety lid that lifts up when using the top of it (so acts as a splashback as well). At the moment, around the tiles the kitchen wall has been papered. Her kitchen ceiling is about 7 ft high, so surely she does not have to tile right up to the ceiling behind the cooker as regards the health and safety regulations (and have no paper on any of the wall on that side of the kitchen)? She has no wall cupboards on the wall and at (all low cupboards). Can somebody please explain the rules about tiling/wall paper as regards having a gas cooker installed please? Thank you.
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