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Gas cooker installation regulations re. walls

Posted 27th Mar 2014
My mum ordered a new gas cooker last week but at the last minute had to cancel the order, due to her kitchen walls. She has had her current gas cooker for about 25 years and behind it there are about 6 rows of small tiles (only behind the cooker and about one tile extending on each side ). She was told by the supplier (when arranging delivery) that the wall behind the cooker has to be tiled and there should be no paper on the wall behind it. The gas cooker that she ordered has a glass safety lid that lifts up when using the top of it (so acts as a splashback as well). At the moment, around the tiles the kitchen wall has been papered. Her kitchen ceiling is about 7 ft high, so surely she does not have to tile right up to the ceiling behind the cooker as regards the health and safety regulations (and have no paper on any of the wall on that side of the kitchen)? She has no wall cupboards on the wall and at (all low cupboards). Can somebody please explain the rules about tiling/wall paper as regards having a gas cooker installed please? Thank you.
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not something I would have thought about really, but now that you've mentioned it, I suppose it makes some sense, you wouldn't want the wallpaper to catch fire. Surely the glass cover will offer protection, it not cant she buy a glass splashback to go on the wall?
I believe the gas regs concern is to do with flammable surfaces such as wall paper within the immediate vicinity but given plaster is not flammable you could remove wallpaper in the surrounding area for fitment then tile it at a later date if it suited.
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Never heard of this rule before. I don't install alot of cookers (last one was a good while ago) but you should only need a chain/stability bracket, cooker should be above the worktop level and if in a flat - an FSD (flame supervision device).
Also the manufacturer instructions will give detailed advice on installation.

Total nonsense, and I am a gas safe engineer with the cooker module.

It's the manufacturer of the cooker which provides the dimensions of the … It's the manufacturer of the cooker which provides the dimensions of the required combustible free zone and it's specific to the model based on safety tests they conduct. The fact that it has a glass lid isn't relevant, the lid is not a heat shield. It's not necessary to have tiles right up to a 7ft ceiling or for the full width of the wall, typically the zone would be 750-800mm high and 50mm each side. The regs are there for a reason which is to keep you safe, and a Gas Safe installer wouldn't ignore the manufacturer-specified clearances.

The cooker was purchased direct from a manufacturer on the Currys website. My mum was initially told about the paper by the lady who phoned her, however, she was not given any indication as to the zone that the tiles should cover. She went to Currys in town to ask them about it and they said the same thing. Their 'Know How' leaflet does not mention the zone to be covered, just says not near wall paper, cupboards or a gas boiler, etc. Above the 750-800 mm zone and 50 mm each side, would she be able to keep her paper, or would it all need peeling off and painting instead? Thank you.
Thank you for all the help and advice - my mum was going to have all of the paper taken off the wall, however, not too sure if her tiles go up high enough, I will check today - father says he has a spare box of them, so I will see.
I am in the process of removing the tiles behind my cooker and was advised not to have wallpaper on the wall that the cooker is on .......so I am going to remove the old tiles ..smooth the wall and re tile 4 tiles up and the the length and paint the rest of the wall......you can have as many or as few tiles as you like behind the cooker but they advise no wallpaper .
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Very interesting post. Just purchased a gas cooker from John Lewis and they are installing.They advised in the shop that tiles or other non flammable glass covering need to be in place on the wall to at least 650mm above the cooker (although no mention of this on the gas cooker installation instructions on their website!). No wallpaper or other flammables allowed which makes sense. Our existing tiles to 450mm and a wall with no wallpaper above that is not acceptable. Needs to be tiled to 650mm. Tried to query it with customer services but they just keep referring me back the store it was purchased from. Very annoying when you cannot find tiles to match the ones on our wall which have been up for years!
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