Gas & Elec good deals?

Found 8th Aug
HI come to an end of my current nPower, anyone seen any great deals?
(Will do the usual Moneysupermarhet and comparethe.)
Has anyone tried the MoneysavingExpert energy club?

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i'm on the MSE energy club I took the 3rd cheapest at the time (purely due to reviews and cancellation fees)
unforcunetly at the mo we live in the property since march so cant fully benefit from it
i am with npower as well coming to end next month, all the big six prices have rocketed,
been looking at
seem to be the cheapest around and good reviews, still searching
There is no "Best Deal " as such . The best deal will vary on your area and usage, why you need to compare with accurate usage figures (from your latest bill.

Once you have your list of cheapest deals check for cashback from TCB (always better than MSE or USwitch) , do your sums , clear cookies and go to that company through TCB for your switch . Be aware rates and indeed cashback rates vary almost daily .
i've been on, pretty good unit rates. Only have limited telephone contact, mainly live chat which may be off-putting.
We've just switched to Flow as they came out as the best deal on the comparison site
We switched to bulb in April, saving £300 on a 1yr fixed rate from SSE Hydro / M&S.

Bulb was the 2nd cheapest but the reviews all seem positive.

Variable rate with no fixed-term contract and no exit fees.
We use moneysavingexpert
We was paying British Gas £125 combined. They put on onto there lowest tariff which took us down to £82 combined. Then after the 2 years was up they had OVO as cheapest at £80 combined so we are with them for 2 years . Saving over £40 a month .
We are with Economy Energy. They were second cheapest last year. Contract was ending did a comparison and signed up for the cheapest one. Had a phone call from Economy Energy who put us on a special deal which beat them. So stuck with them and am well pleased.
Just signed up with SSE 1 year fixed online for gas, their standing charge is a bit high, but they had about the cheapest kwh price in my area: 2.73p/kwh

Can't move my electric at the mo because we've been nabbed by an Octopus after Iresa went belly up.

Does anybody else find that on some comparisson sites the cheapest deals don't show up even when you select the options to show everything?
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For my gas i am with a company called Zog. I have a 3 bed house and in the winter the heating is on pretty much all the time and i pay £39 a month. With elec im with eon, i found Bulb no cheaper than than the big 6 tbh, i dont know why everyone raves about them. Oh, i pay £38 with eon atm. Contract is up in November so will be looking around soon.
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