Gas, Electric, economy 7. Eon or southern (or someone else) ... confused..

    Right so a man from Southern Electric knocked on the door last night .. Been looking to compare utility suppliers for ages so thought I would listen to what he had to say ..
    He informed me that we have an economy 7 meter which is means our bills are more expensive.. and swopping to them meant that they would fit a new meter free if charge(non E7) and the rate would drop from 29p per unit to 14p per unit... so great
    Is this really the case.. how can a meter decide how much you pay .. we are with Eon standard energy plan .. I have signed with Southern is it the right decision .. ?
    Any input much appreciated


    Read this.

    I would cancel until you have had time to do some homework. We get people knocking around all the time. If you are on a monthly bill then I would ring Eon and speak with them. I have just come out of a two year capped deal and saw that other companies were offering cheap deals. I phoned Customer service and the guy straight away said that I was on an expensive package and changed it over the phone.

    I am not proclaiming to be an expert and if you are on a card meter (if thats what they call them) then sorry what I have said won't help

    man at the door says it all think about it

    im paying 12.75 per unit
    and im with ebico
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    Did you check out how much Eon charge for the same service?

    I never buy anything from door knockers they are all on commision, most lie through their teeth to get a sale.

    Do it your self dont listen to anyone who is trying to sell you somthing they want there cut.
    Step 1 work out how much Gas+Elec you used in the last year.
    Step 2 Convert in to kwhs use this tool for gas Elec norm is in kwhs…tml

    Step 3 go to uswitch its independant so you get a ture comparison thet also take Economy 7 into account.
    Step 4 see best deal they check if or will offer and cashback towards the deal.
    Step 5 Switch and save money.

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    Haha I get these all the time, he says

    SE: "did you know that your unit cost has dropped?"
    me: no
    SE: "Would you like to get your unit cost dropped?"
    me: yes
    SE: "To do this I need to come in and speak to you for 10 minutes"
    me: no
    SE: "okay so I'll just put on here your okay for me to do this for you"
    me: okay

    nothing has happened, I'm still paying the same damn unit cost! as I'm with E-on!

    Oh and to answer your question economy 7 is cheaper at night, so if you work 9-5 then put all your washing and drying on during the night, think it's after 9pm.
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